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Pembroke welcomes applications from four year old Early Learning through to Year 12. Please find the process outlined below.

Step 1 - Application

Please complete our online .

Step 2 - Offers

Offers for places will be made on or after 1 March two years preceding entry.

Offers are made for our intake year levels of ELC, Reception, Year 5, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 10 and all boarding applicants in Years 7-12. For all other year levels, offers are made as places become available.

If you do not receive an offer, we will retain you on our waitlist. Additional offers are made outside of the main offer round as places become available in line with our . Our waitlist is constantly changing and to avoid disappointment we encourage families to apply to the School as early as possible.

Step 3 - Acceptance

Acceptance of an offer is required to secure your child’s place. You will enter a contractual agreement with the School and will be required to pay an Admissions Fee and Tuition Bond.

Step 4 - Commencement at Pembroke

We are committed to providing all students with the best start possible. We offer a tailored transition and orientation program for all of our students. We can’t wait to work with you to nurture your child’s personal growth and open their minds to a world of possibilities.