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We know that Middle School (Years 7 – 10) is an important time in your child’s emerging adolescence. When adolescents enjoy their learning, they thrive.

This is at the forefront of our thinking in planning and providing the broad and deep education we offer at the Pembroke Middle School.

We develop a dynamic learning environment in which all students come to understand they can take risks and will be encouraged in their efforts to think, create, explore their curiosity, self-manage and reflect on their learning. We believe our approach enables our young people to grow and develop academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

The curriculum in the Middle School includes a rich offering of core subjects and specialist subjects and provides the foundation for a successful transition to the Senior School. Students are supported in their learning by enthusiastic skilled teachers, modern facilities and excellent resource allocation.

Relationships: small class sizes

Central to student engagement and motivation at school are the strong relationships students develop with each other and with their teachers. Our Middle School classes are in the range of 20 to 22 students. This enhances opportunities for our students to engage with their peers and teachers in a way that encourages trust and mutual respect. These relationships are fundamental to our students’ success throughout their education at Pembroke.

House system

At the ages of 12 and 13 young people desire to be accepted for who they are. Belonging to groups, whether a Tute, a team or a troupe, is integral to their wellbeing. This is why each child is allocated to a House at Year 7 and this House remains their ‘home base’ until they graduate. There are eight House groups at Pembroke: Hill, Medlin, Mellor, Oats, Reeves, Smith, Wright and Yates. These provide a welcoming, nurturing and reliable space for pastoral, service, inter-House sporting and cultural pursuits and Outdoor Education activities. The Heads of House assume overall responsibility for monitoring the intellectual and social development of the students in their House and the cohesion of the whole group.

Leadership opportunities

Middle School students are encouraged to recognise character strengths in their peers and to develop their own strengths. Our Student Voice Representatives are integrally involved in student governance and leadership in the Middle School. They speak at weekly assemblies and in House meetings and tutorials, lead tour groups, assist at Junior School sport events and involve themselves in the Causes Project (advocacy, awareness-raising, philanthropy and action for those in need).


Our new world-class teaching facility for Art, Science and Technology at 3 Shipsters Road opened in 2019. This extraordinary building has provoked our teachers to plan how to engage students in new ways, including introducing interdisciplinary units of study, and brings the world in through an Enterprise in Residence program.

Students launching bottle rocket

Science students launch a rocket

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