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As Ӱ celebrates our 50th Anniversary, we are delighted to share our new Strategic Plan.

The Pembroke story began half a century ago when our founders recognised that the union between Girton Girls’ School and King’s College for boys would make us Stronger Together.

As we celebrate this golden co-educational milestone, Pembroke is indeed stronger than ever. While we reflect upon our proud history, it is timely and prudent to prepare for an even stronger future; one that is increasingly diverse, sustainable and hopeful. Enter our Strategic Plan 2030.

This plan has been carefully crafted through a process of co-design where we welcomed all members of our community on the journey. We were delighted to hear your voices and have listened intently. The result is a human-centric plan which reflects our learning and caring culture in our delivery of world-class education. In the age of digital disruption, there has arguably never been a more important time to value our human connections, sense of belonging and devotion to the service of others. Our future graduates will not only be career-ready, they will also be creative, empathic and free-thinking individuals who are prepared and inspired to be agents for positive change in a complex and uncertain world.

To achieve our vision, our Strategic Plan 2030 is supported by our Strategic Pillars and Initiatives:

Our Hearts and Minds
  1. Develop and embed a comprehensive Pembroke Learning and Caring Framework with a vision and structure that foster a love of learning ELC - 12.
  2. Refine the Pembroke Academy as the vehicle for our staff professional learning, leadership development, research, coaching and mentoring.
  3. Develop our CARE Program – ELC - 12 to deliver social and emotional learning.
  4. Renew our Pembroke Chapel Program reinforcing spiritual, moral and ethical development while fostering interfaith understanding in a pluralistic society.
  5. Launch a reimagined, personalised and data-driven Inclusive Education Program for diverse learners.
  6. Identify capstone learning experiences ELC - 12, such as the Middle School ‘Sʴ’ initiative, to prioritise choice, agency and community connections.
  7. Create a Pembroke Personal Portal harnessing data to share student stories, learning and caring needs, achievements and aspirations.
  8. Unify and drive our Pembroke+ Program, drawing our diverse co-curricular offerings ELC - 12 into a sophisticated and cohesive platform.
  9. Define and commit to a new Middle School Curriculum and Learning Culture which reflects the diversity of learners and contemporary research.
  10. Develop outdoor, environmental and personal learning through our ELC - 12 Experiential and Immersive Education Program with Old Watulunga at the heart.
Our Place and Home
  1. Commit to One School, united in purpose with strong throughlines and consistency of expectations, and the Four Villages of Boarding, Junior, Middle and Senior School defined by their unique character and culture.
  2. Develop a new Master Plan to ensure our spaces meet the needs of our community now and into the future.
  3. Renew our campus through strategically planned upgrades to classrooms that enhance connection, care, play, flexibility, collaboration and integration of digital learning.
  4. Plan for the renewal of ICT infrastructure to prepare for emerging digital technologies and trends, and ready ourselves for the challenges of the mid to late 21st century.
  5. Refine our commitment to staff wellbeing by further exploring benefits that make Pembroke a career destination.
  6. Cultivate our Boarding Village as a sanctuary for boarders who call Pembroke home, including how we create a culture of care, fun and family.
  7. Nurture partnerships with parents through parent education, voice and agency including a review of the P&F Charter with a focus on year level and sub-school representation.
  8. Refresh our Old Scholars’ Program with emphasis on strong, sustainable and vibrant partnerships between POSA and the School.
  9. Continue to prioritise diversity and inclusion including in our Pembroke Connect Program, Community Languages Program, and the development of connections through a thriving national and international Reciprocal Exchange Program.
  10. Progress our renewed Haslam Precinct including a state-of-the-art multifunction centre that encourages our community to gather as One School.
Our Service to Community
  1. Develop an ELC - 12 Service Learning Framework that reinforces a culture of service by ensuring students experience the impact of their agency in shaping a hopeful future.
  2. Nurture an enduring partnership with First Nations people to serve the spirit of reconciliation embodied within Pembroke’s history and revised Reconciliation Action Plan.
  3. Initiate a series of adventurous journeys to connect with people and communities beyond Pembroke, both near and far.
  4. Launch our Cultural Trust as part of the Pembroke Foundation, serving as a creative leader and space within South Australia’s thriving Arts community.
  5. Foster a staff culture of service to the broader educational community through research, shared practice and innovation, and celebrated in staff recognition and reward strategies.
  6. Cultivate a culture of giving and philanthropy across the School community including new partnerships and a relaunched Foundation brand and staffing structure.
  7. Reposition our Scholarship Program to serve those who would not otherwise be able to access a Pembroke education, creating further equity, diversity and pathways into the School.
  8. Launch a Pembroke Clubs and Societies Network where students and staff work in partnership across university-style clubs and societies.
  9. Recognise that with the benefits of public funding of independent schools comes the obligation to do public good, and identify opportunities to develop other talent and organisations through service.
  10. Develop our Enterprise Education Program, creating mentoring opportunities for young people to apply their entrepreneurial skills to serve the community.
Our Sustainable Future
  1. Develop an Admissions Department which is strategic in ensuring high levels of customer service, demand and loyalty that are cornerstones of the admissions journey.
  2. Advance our market share as Adelaide’s leading school through bold storytelling that builds reputation, increases connection and harnesses communication and marketing strategies.
  3. Develop a new economic model that reflects changing funding conditions and builds resilience.
  4. Renew our focus on the School’s environmental footprint, specifically awareness programs as we strive for carbon neutrality and renewable energy sources.
  5. Foster a best practice governance model which is sustainable and reflects the emerging needs of the School.
  6. Encourage the development of the Pembroke Foundation to support our dreams and aspirations underpinning our sustainability.
  7. Stand out as a leader in co-education by celebrating the benefits, championing research and proudly assuming the role of thought leaders for co-education.
  8. Become renowned as an Employer of Choice that uplifts, recognises and rewards staff as we proactively navigate workforce renewal, teacher shortages and workplace flexibility.
  9. Identify new income streams that enable the School to prosper into the future.
  10. Fulfil the promise of our unique Environmental Education Centre at Old Watulunga as a leader in this field.

This aspirational plan sets out our strategic initiatives across the pillars, what success looks like and where we will be in 2030. We hope that it engages your hearts and minds as we boldly embark upon the next incredible chapter of the Pembroke story.

At Pembroke, we are Stronger Together.

Melissa Mellen, Chair, School Board

Mark Staker, Principal