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Pembroke Old Scholars Association aims to further the welfare of the School and promote unity and friendship among former students and staff of the School.

As old scholar myself, I am excited and honoured to commence my term as the President of the Pembroke Old Scholars Committee, a school that served me so well between 1985 – 1997.

Having joined the Old Scholars Committee several years ago, I have very much enjoyed working with, and learning from the previous Presidents Weng Wong and Amanda Price-McGregor, the Executive and other committee members that have served during this period – it is a great team environment.

The Pembroke Old Scholars role is to promote unity and friendship amongst old scholars through events, reunions, and our various and growing social media platforms.

As an old scholar you too have the opportunity to be a part of the Old Scholars Association Committee.

We meet a few times a year and work closely with the School’s Old Scholar Engagement Office to create a program of events and activities for our old scholar community.

Of course, you can also join an Old Scholars Affiliated Club. Our clubs currently include include Football, Soccer (Men’s) and Soccer (Women’s), Cricket, Netball, and our choral group In U.

Your fellow old scholars work in many different industry sectors and we want to encourage you to connect with each other, no matter where you are in the world.

Our shared experiences and memories of our time at Girton, Kings or Pembroke allows us to connect in a way that is unique and as an old scholar you are part of a community of more than 16,000 old scholars who live in 56 countries across the globe.

I passionately believe being an old scholar of our school is about Community, Connections and Pathways. The working relationship with our Ӱ Principal, Mr Mark Staker, is extremely strong and supportive and we continue to look at more innovative ways to serve the School and its old scholar community, especially in these current challenging times.

If you do not have one already, please make sure you purchase an old scholar P-cap or beanie which are available online as well as the School’s uniform shop wear it with pride! The profits from these sales help us to fund bursaries for students of old scholars, our annual Careers Breakfast, other old scholar events, and our affiliated clubs’ activities.

Please keep in touch and update your details as they change so you can hear firsthand about the latest news and events for our old scholars.

Ex Unitate Vires – Out of Unity, Strength

Holly Jamieson-Loveday (1997)

Our Aims

The Pembroke Old Scholars Association is an incorporated entity governed by an elected Committee, which seeks to:

  • further the welfare of the School;
  • promote unity and friendship amongst former students and staff of the School and its predecessors (King's and Girton);
  • maintain the interest of such former students and staff in the School;
  • promote the involvement of members in the Association, in Clubs and other bodies affiliated with the Association.

Our Committee

The Committee meets on Wednesday evenings seven times each year. Old scholars are encouraged to get involved with their Association (including those living outside of Adelaide). Please contact oldscholars@pembroke.sa.edu.au for more details.

Current members of the Pembroke Old Scholars Committee:

President: Holly Jamieson-Loveday (1997)
: Philippa Hook (1958)
: Andrew Harrison (1996)
: Rachel Bageas (1991)

Natalie Agostino (1989)
Fiona Black (1997)
Penny Campbell (1975)
Jeremy Culshaw (1982)
Rachel Johnson (2017)
Steven Mann (2001)
Evangeline Metz (2012)
Ali Michell (1998) School Board member
Peter Noblet AM (1964)
India Wadlow (2021)