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We are inviting old scholars and others across all professional and industry groups to collaborate with us through the Resident and Visiting Creatives program.

We have over 30 years of experience working with visiting artists in the Arts and we are now embracing other creatives from across all industries.

The new Resident and Visiting Creatives Program involves inviting old scholars and others across all professional and industry groups to share their knowledge, innovative ideas, and wisdom. Allowing students to push their boundaries and explore potential in new technologies, the program ensures a dynamic learning community, both within and beyond the school gates.

We are enthusiastic about all manner of School – Industry – Community engagement. The Resident and Visiting Creatives program encompasses all elements of this, including partnerships, residencies, workshops, short-term projects, one-off activities, events, online videos and mentoring. We invite universities and business in creating organised learning experiences aligned with curriculum, an ambitious Speakers Series and an expanded Careers program.

At the heart of all good edu­ca­tion­al pro­grams is the man­date for stu­dents to expe­ri­ence the unfa­mil­iar – to be explorers.

Luke Thomson, Principal (2010-22)

AISSA VR Research Project: Students Creating Virtual Worlds for Learning

This world first study is unique in the international context because of its longitudinal approach to investigating the efficacy of 360° VR for deeper learning in schools across STEM subjects, and in genuinely involving teachers as co-researchers to build this evidence base.

This exciting VR research project puts in the hands of students a new way to demonstrate their learning and enables them to create educational content for other students. This student created content can then be shared within their school and across schools. Our research investigates a 360° virtual reality, no code content authoring platform in authentic classroom settings, to create new knowledge about the impact of VR of student learning, pedagogies that promote the best student outcomes using VR, and where in the curriculum the learning affordances of VR are most evident.

In this research project the AISSA is partnering with nationally and internationally recognised expert Associate Professor Erica Southgate, University of Newcastle and VRTY, an innovative VR company specialising in educational software that is designed for student agency and creativity. Teachers from , Ӱ and are co-researchers in this project.

Middle School Robot Garden

With our Middle School students, the inaugural Resident Creative, Jimmy Dodd, is integrating art with robotics, design, and technology to create kinetic art, a form of art that incorporates motion and movement to create effect.

In exploring ways to create art, our Year 8-10 students are creating a Robot Garden – a plethora of moving parts and interconnected pieces that are bursting with life and colour. Through the Robot Garden installation, students are exploring how machines and robotics can be involved in a visual art activity, and how to create movement in sculpture.

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Registration of Interest

Please provide details below and you will be contacted by Mac MacPherson, Coordinator of Enterprise or the Manager, Old Scholar Engagement.

  1. Resident Creatives: Individuals who have skills and know-how and are keen to take up a residency at Pembroke to enhance the learning of our students in ways that are aligned in some way with our curriculum and also connected to our School Aims.
    We will prioritise interdisciplinary learning in the STEAM subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
    Residencies can be short or long term from 6 hours to 6 days, 6 weeks and up to 6 months. For example, Kinetic Artist, Jimmy Dodd has been resident for two days per week for the 10 weeks of Term 2, 2021.
  2. Visiting Creatives: Individuals who are keen to creatively contribute to some form of organised learning that aligns with our existing curriculum. This may be a one-off event on a single day or perhaps a short series of visits across a fortnight, month or school term.
  3. Careers Connection: Primarily, but not exclusively offered to old scholars as part of a planned expansion of the Careers program. We intend to develop a sequence of events, inclusive of the annual Careers Breakfast, bespoke industry Twilight Talks about Career Pathways, and targeted work site visits by students.
  4. The Pembroke Academy Speakers Series: We are already in the planning phase of this exciting initiative. This expansive multidisciplinary series of speeches will be hosted by Pembroke either in the Shipsters Road building on Kings campus or DY Hall on Girton campus.

To register your interest please complete the form below.

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