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The School Motto, Ex Unitate Vires - Out of Unity, Strength - reflects our historical origins and our belief in the value of co-education.

Our Vision: Free to be ourselves and find our place as we shape a hopeful future.

Pembroke is a unique co-educational independent day and boarding school, free-spirited with an egalitarian ethos at its core. Authenticity matters, and privilege has no place at our School. Our strength derives from our commitment to serve and harness our talents to build a fairer, more equitable and respectful future for all. Our learning and caring culture embraces difference and diversity of experience and character. At Pembroke, all voices shape our community and there is a place for everyone.

Ӱ is characterised by bright expectations and hope for all. We set the bar high, valuing the stretch of academic challenge and personal excellence for every student. We believe that all learners deserve choice – we are a place where our students’ voices, passions, talents and dreams are known, championed and nurtured.

Our students learn deeply, make connections across disciplines, and apply their knowledge and skills to unique and complex problems. Their learning is informed by data and a firm understanding of their strengths and needs as individuals. We care for the whole young person with a commitment to their wellbeing and development. As a proudly non-denominational school with a Christian heritage, we embrace the spiritual, moral and ethical dimensions of being human, focusing on what connects us in a pluralistic society.

Our staff are experts in their fields, dedicated to personal and professional development and improvement. They are committed to serving the broader educational community and honing their talents to empower others. As a school, we are a destination of excellence with a culture of collegiality where educators build career and character as they guide the learners and leaders of tomorrow.

The foundation of our School is our community – they are ‘us’, and we are ‘them’, and it is what makes us so special. We forge deep and enduring connections that define our past, present and future. We proudly share our stories, knowing open, clear and respectful communication nourishes our relationships.

At Pembroke, we are Stronger Together.

School Aims

The Ӱ Aims emerge from our rich educational heritage and underpin all of our educational endeavours.

They are at the core of our vision for co-educational learning in the 21st century:

  • To offer our students the means to develop a broad and deep knowledge base thus enabling them to act effectively as well-informed citizens.
  • To create a dynamic learning community which encourages self-management, curiosity, intellectual rigour, enjoyment, innovation and the exploration of each individual's potential.
  • To facilitate the social, physical and emotional development of each student emphasising student safety, personal growth, integrity, respect for differences in people, resilience, an appreciation of the environment, a sense of social responsibility and care for others.
  • To encourage the exploration of students' spiritual values and their power to make ethical decisions.
  • To promote thoughtful, respectful and informed participation in the community locally, nationally and internationally with an emphasis on seeking justice for all.

Our Values