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Our Senior School offers a unique environment for young adults to develop as independent learners and active citizens willing to take risks in the classroom, concerned with social justice issues and achievement of personal academic best.

Students access services, use resources and take part in programs that are specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging adults.

The culture of the Senior School is collaborative, with staff and students working together towards achieving specific academic and personal goals. Our students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and development, to pursue individual excellence, and to develop as a whole person.


Senior students can select from two possible study pathways; the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). It is also possible for SACE students to undertake Vocational Educational and Training (VET) courses within their SACE studies. These two pathways have different structures and offer students two very different ways to achieve their personal academic goals. Although the vast majority of students in the Senior School aspire to tertiary education, and will eventually enrol in university, students may also prepare for the workforce or for studies in technical and further education by means of Vocational Education and Training courses offered alongside, or embedded in SACE subjects. Course selection and career planning are an important focus of Senior School life.

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

The social and emotional learning, personal development, and care of each student is managed through the tutor group system. These are the pastoral care units, comprised of approximately 15 Year 11 and Year 12 students that are overseen by one or two tutors. Ideally students stay in this group for the full two years. The mixed year level composition of the tutor groups promotes the development of the students in a more mature environment, where collaboration, shared experiences and peer modelling form a strong support for the academic life of the school. The tutor is the important link between home and School and will be the first person contacted to share any relevant emerging information about your child. Four Year Level Coordinators and eight Heads of House offer another layer of care, support and knowledge about each student.

Additionally, all students undertake a carefully designed Social Emotional and Personal Development course. In Year 11 this runs for the full year and addresses contemporary issues around maintaining physical health, managing wellbeing, seeking support and appreciating respectful and fulfilling relationships. In Year 12 this will run for the first semester and build capacity in specific areas as students begin to make the transition out of formal education. These include understanding your rights and responsibilities as a young citizen, introducing financial literacy and maintaining healthy relationships

While not compulsory, the majority of students in the Senior School take part in the breadth of co-curricular activities on offer at Pembroke.


SchoolTV is a new ongoing resource that is now available to our parents. Each edition will address a major topic with expert interviews, fact sheets, parent quiz, recommended apps, books and much more. SchoolTV aggregates information from many great resources such as BeyondBlue and ReachOut, among others. SchoolTV provides a single stream of independent factual information that saves parents time and confusion of searching online across multiple sites for information.


The Student-Staff Executive is the student leadership group consisting of Year 12 students who nominate formally, with leadership positions determined by interview. The Student-Staff Executive runs Senior School assemblies, plans campus and whole-School activities, hosts special guests and dignitaries when visiting the School, and raises awareness on particular issues.

Staff helping students study