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As Ӱ celebrates our 50th Anniversary, we are delighted to share our new Strategic Plan.

7 February 2024

The Pembroke story began half a century ago when our founders recognised that the union between Girton Girls’ School and King’s College for boys would make us Stronger Together.

50 years on, as we celebrate this golden co-educational milestone, Pembroke is indeed stronger than ever. While we reflect upon our proud history, it is timely and prudent to prepare for an even stronger future; one that is increasingly diverse, sustainable and hopeful. Enter our Strategic Plan 2030.

This plan has been carefully crafted through a process of co-design where we welcomed all members of our community on the journey. We were delighted to hear your voices and have listened intently. The result is a human-centric plan which reflects our learning and caring culture in our delivery of world-class education. In the age of digital disruption, there has arguably never been a more important time to value our human connections, sense of belonging and devotion to the service of others. Our future graduates will not only be career-ready, they will also be creative, empathic and free-thinking individuals who are prepared and inspired to be agents for positive change in a complex and uncertain world.

To achieve our vision, our Strategic Plan 2030 is supported by four key pillars:

  • Our Hearts and Minds
  • Our Place and Home
  • Our Service to Community
  • Our Sustainable Future

This aspirational plan sets out our strategic initiatives across the pillars, what success looks like and where we will be in 2030. We hope that it engages your hearts and minds as we boldly embark upon the next incredible chapter of the Pembroke story.

At Pembroke, we are Stronger Together.

Melissa Mellen, Chair, School Board

Mark Staker, Principal