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Mathematics at Pembroke is an engaging and rewarding core subject in which all students are encouraged and supported to develop at their own pace to fulfil their potential as young mathematicians.

Our Mathematics teachers are a highly qualified and collaborative team who focus on fostering a passion for and enjoyment of mathematics in their students. Mathematics at Pembroke encourages students to consider the world as described by numbers, valuing the intellectual challenges and curiosities offered therein.

Junior School Mathematics

Mathematics is taught in the Junior School as part of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme curriculum.

Middle School Mathematics

Students in Years 7 to 9 are placed in mathematics classes of similar ability, known as Sets. In Year 10 students choose between two Australian Curriculum courses, Mathematics 10A and Mathematics 10 or they select Essential Mathematics, a school-devised course that is available for students who are seeking a more practical business-related Mathematics course. Irrespective of which Set or which Year 10 course chosen, all students are challenged at all levels and have many opportunities to improve skills and knowledge in a supportive environment. Students in Years 7-10 who need additional support in Mathematics are placed in smaller class groups. Under the guidance of their teacher they develop their mathematical skills and understandings and build their confidence to problem solve and think critically.

All students are offered the opportunity to participate in the and the . We also participate in project-based competitions, including the South Australian Mathematics Talent Quest and the Junior School Mathematics Enrichment Programme. Students in the highest Sets are challenged by a rigorous extension opportunities which incorporate the Australian Mathematics Trust’s and programmes. The top Set students in Year 9 undertake the Mathematics 10A program. These students can then choose to study the SACE Stage 1 Mathematical Methods course in Year 10, with the option of also studying SACE Stage 1 Specialist Mathematics in Semester 2. Beyond the classroom, all students can access support via lunchtime help sessions, which are open to all Middle and Senior School students once per week in term time.

Senior School Mathematics

In the SACE, students can select from Essential Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics (which must be partnered with Mathematical Methods). Students who have accelerated fully in Year 10 and who complete Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics in Year 11 have the opportunity to apply for entry to the University of Adelaide Headstart Program to continue their studies in Year 12 at first year University level. Our students’ results in the Headstart Program over several years have been outstanding, with most students achieving a High Distinction for this accelerated course, which corresponds to a perfect score of 20.

IB Diploma students select from two streams; Analysis and Approaches (AA) or Applications or Interpretations (AI), both of which can be chosen at Standard or Higher Level. Mathematics SL Anticipated SL AA is also offered to students who have participated in the Year 10 Accelerated Program.

Pembroke students’ achievements in Mathematics at both SACE and IB have been outstanding and consistent over many years, with numerous subject merits awarded in the SACE and perfect scores in IB Mathematics in each of several recent years.

I always loved going into every maths class at Pem­broke; I loved the prospect of solv­ing prob­lems in abstract ways. At the end of Year 12, I knew I want­ed to do Maths at uni­ver­si­ty because I want­ed to use maths to prob­lem-solve as much as pos­si­ble and I knew that it could lead to a real­ly diverse range of careers.

Jake Pajer, Head Boy 2017 and undergraduate maths student