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The Ӱ Academy is a key initiative of the Pembroke Improvement Plan.


The Ӱ Academy is a key initiative of the Pembroke Improvement Plan. The Pembroke Improvement Plan was undertaken in 2012 based on comprehensive feedback from all sections of the Pembroke community on the topic of whether or not the School was meeting the challenge of its aims. The collected and sorted responses to this important question were formed into a range of initiatives called the Pembroke Improvement Plan.

The Purpose of the Ӱ Academy

The key purpose of the Ӱ Academy is to support and foster the professional enrichment of staff. To achieve this aspiration the Academy seeks to:

  • appreciate the capabilities of staff
  • create environments that enhance staff capacity
  • stimulate critical thinking about education and the School
  • develop knowledge
  • stimulate research
  • enrich staff development.

It is our belief this will increase Pembroke's capacity to continue to act as a well-informed and self-assured community of educationalists engaged in continuous improvement.

Key Domains:

  • Continuing to develop an appreciation of the potential of our staff.
  • Creating environments that foster and develop this potential.
  • Analysing, informing, identifying (innovation and research) and refining approaches to continuous improvement.

Key Foci:

  • Innovation
  • Education
  • Collaboration (professional discourse)

Scope of the Ӱ Academy

  • To foster debate, understanding and alignment about the development of staff.
  • To utilise available expertise to innovate, educate and critically consider ideas.
  • To identify approaches for understanding the potential of staff.
  • To identify, create and administer programs that develop the capacity of staff.
  • To encourage research at and beyond Pembroke for Pembroke by Pembroke staff to inform improvements.
  • To link research to our current programs to inform innovation and renewal.
  • To provide a collegial forum for staff currently undertaking tertiary studies.
  • To provide support and advice to staff considering or completing tertiary studies.
  • To link all sabbaticals into the work of the Ӱ Academy so that the School harnesses collective as well as individual benefits from the sabbatical program.
  • To help direct staff into sabbatical options that support the School’s directions.
  • To create a membership of the Ӱ Academy that supports its aspirations.