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When considering the best school for your child, you will be faced with a myriad of choices.

Like children, all schools are different and as a parent you will need to make a decision in relation to which environment will suit your child and family best.

At Pembroke we believe wholeheartedly in a co-educational environment. Pembroke was born from the equal and deliberate merging of Girton Girls’ School and King’s College in 1974. The School motto is From Unity, Strength which is as true today as it was at foundation and still very much underpins all that we do.

We believe we demonstrate how successful a co-educational environment can be. Our girls and boys consistently achieve academically. They are able to develop positive relationships and learn to collaborate inside and outside of the classroom. Our students gain real life experiences so they can meaningfully contribute to the global community.

We don't prepare our students for the 'real world', they're already here.