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One of the many ways in which Pembroke is truly independent is our unique approach to the collective spirituality of our diverse community.

We have developed a shared spiritual language we hope will be a model of inclusion for independent schools.

Our regular chapel services and our chaplaincy itself is grounded in Humanism which lifts up fundamental values and awarenesses common to people of all faiths, and those of none. In this way, the school privileges no particular faith tradition and truly reflects our wider, multicultural Australian community.

We feel this approach suits a rigorous scholastic environment well. Liberal arts education, at its best, is a project with Humanist values at its core, which include:

  • An ongoing search for truth and meaning that allows students to grow spiritually with new discoveries and understandings
  • An emphasis on the dignity and inherent worth of every person, and therefore of respectful, non-coercive relationships between people
  • An approach to ethics that recognises good and evil as a human perspective, so that if we want there to be good in the world, we must work out how to do good.
  • A deep faith in the human capacity to solve human problems, and thus a hopeful approach to building future communities of greater justice and equity for all

Pembroke, then, remains true to its non-denominational origins, while still being committed to the spiritual development of its students.

The video above offers a detailed explanation of why and how we take this approach. I welcome your inquiries and thoughts about our approach spiritual development at Pembroke. I can be contacted by email at rmacpher@pembroke.sa.edu.au

With thanks and kind regards,

Reverend Rob MacPherson